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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Best Jerky for the Apocalypse

The two things you DON'T want to have happen while deep inside your underground shelter hiding from blood-sucking zombies during the Apocalypse...

1. Be discovered, and
2. run out of food and water.

Which is why we put together this guide on what kinds of beef jerky is best to stock up for the Apocalypse.  With December 21, 2012 fast approaching, it's not too late to stock up on Mankind's favorite food preserve.  Here's a list of criteria on which jerky is best suited for the duration...

1. You're going to want a jerky that INCLUDES preservatives, namely Sodium Nitrite.  Most major brands have this in it.  This keeps bacteria from infecting jerky, and allows it to maintain a very long shelf life.  When you consider the Bible says the Apocalypse will last seven full years of tyranny, you're going to need a lot of jerky to last that long.  I've eaten jerky over two years old, laced with sodium nitrite, and it tasted fine, and I didn't get sick.  Theoretically, it can last even seven years or more.

2. Buy jerky in one pound packages, where it's cheaper.  You'll accumulate less trash too.  And when you're done with the bag, you'll have a useful storage container for waste.  A one pound bag of jerky will contain about 1,000 calories and about 120-130 grams of protein.

3. Look for low sodium jerky.  We know of some brands that are really low, such that eating a full pound will still keep you at the 2,000mg, USDA maximum per day.  Also, low sodium jerky will allow you to drink lower volumes of water.

4.  Find odorless jerky.  Certainly there will be zombie scent hounds sniffing out live bodies, and so you'll want a jerky that doesn't produce much aroma.  Look for jerky as dry as possible.

5.  You'll also want jerky that comes in a resealable bag to contain those odors to a minimum.

6. Buy mild flavored jerky.  Don't get something hot and spicy, as this will cause you to drink excessive amounts of water.  Look for words like, "Mild", "Regular", or "Original".

Our Recommendation

New Braunfels Smokehouse, Peppered Beef Jerky meets all the criteria above...

1. It contains the necessary preservative to keep this jerky shelf stable throughout the Apocalypse,

2. It's sold in one-pound bag as well as other sizes,

3. It's low in sodium, in fact it's among the lowest sodium jerky brands on the market,

4. It's low odor, though not exactly the least odorless, it's still relatively low while meeting all the other criteria,

5. It comes in a resealable bag,

6. It's mild in flavor.

Fore more information about New Braunfels Smokehouse...


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